Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#theSOproject WEEK 4: Bronzer

As a person who's so pale they're almost see-through, I just look bizarre if I try to make myself look tanned.  I never fake tan either so I'm all about looking 'pale and interesting' with a little bit of blush.
If you are similarly pale: treat bronzer with extreme caution:

My bronzing tips for a subtle look1) Don't go too dark.  It might sound obvious but anything darker than a couple of shades from your base will look ridiculous.  And muddy.  Noone likes a muddy face.2) Under no circumstances apply it all over your face.  Only put it where the sun would naturally hit - temples, cheek bones and the bridge of your nose.  Less is more.3) Use a brush that will give you plenty of control - a massive powder brush will apply way too much product.  Real Techniques' contour brush is good as it doesn't pick up too much product and it's nice and small so you can concentrate on specific areas.

Currently I only own 2 bronzers; one of which is too dark for me: Bare Minerals Warmth All-Over Face Colour. This came as part of the starter set I bought about a year ago and sadly the tone of it is too warm and it just looks like I've smeared dirt on my face.  I find it slightly alarming that this is marketed as an all over face colour..even with the lightest of touches and blending as though your lift depends on it, this would look outrageous all over the face. Just don't. This would be ok for you if you have slightly darker skin, and it's £19 from bareminerals.co.uk.The other bronzing product I have, and would recommend, is Avon Glow Bronzing Peals.  I like these because some of the pearls are more pink toned and it gives a more natural glow than full on bronze. Pearls typically last forever too, which is a bonus. These are currently reduced to £5 at avonshop.co.uk.

The other thing I've tried for contouring is using a pressed powder 2 shades darker than my skin tone, and this works brilliantly as it's more of a natural skintone.  If you're new to contouring I'd definitely recommend this rather than bronzer - MUA's pressed powder in shade 3 is a good option for this and retails at just £1.

Hopefully that helps in some way. I'm aware I've talked as though bronzer should be treated as a dangerous acid or something, but no one wants to look like a crazy orange person - a mistake I definitely made as a teenager!


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  1. Oh bronzing pearls, they really remind me of my younger days!!