Monday, 30 September 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth?

I've had this post in draft form for a few weeks now, and I think I was worrying too much about getting the tone right to be able to finish and post it.
Essentially, I didn't want the post to come across as 'look how much I spend on skincare', because I'm not a price snob at all, but I do value good ingredients in skin care.  Sadly, on the whole, good ingredients do tend to cost more, and as a result my combined total isn't exactly 'budget'.
I tend to splash out on skincare more than make up as I think it has to be the priority.
 I think blogging exposes you to so many different products, and enables you to make informed decisions about what to buy too, so although I may have spent quite a bit, I tend to have been really happy with my purchases and don't really flit about or constantly buy new stuff. 

Jeez making excuses already! Well here we go anyway- my basic skincare routine!

I wasn't sold on this at all when I first tried it, and quickly left it to gather dust.  I've gone back to it in the last few weeks though, and I totally get all the fuss now; it's so gentle on my eyes and it does do a good job of removing both face and eye make up, without upsetting my skin.
£9.99 (250ml)

I won't say too much on this because I'm going to do a proper review on this shortly, but it is amaaaaaaazing, which slightly pains me because it's super expensive! Needs must!
£34 (100ml)

I refuse to use foaming cleansers (containing SLS) because they make my oilier skin much worse, so this rather alarming looking black gel is absolutely perfect because it's 97% natural and it does it's business without needing to foam. Wonderful.
$24 / £14.87 (210ml)

Again, this isn't cheap, but my pores have a tendency to block and they need a good chemical exfoliant to keep some semblance of order.  I wouldn't use the regular Clinique Clarifying Lotions if it was a choice between that and death  (ok slight exaggeration),as they are full of alcohol and dry the skin out unbelievably.  This one contains no alcohol and the salicylic acid is effective but gentle.
£16.50 (200ml)

I think this is a massive bargain; it's a generous size and it's so effective.  I reviewed it here if you fancy a read.
$18 / £11.12 (250ml)

I mix this in with my foundation and it helps to reduce redness and protect the skin from damage. 
$37 / £22.85 (30ml)

This is totally overpriced...shame on you Clinique...but more shame on me for repurchasing 3 times?!
£38 is absolutely crazy considering it's only real feature is that it has SPF 25.  Poor show.  I seem to have stuck with it because it absorbs well, it doesn't irritate my skin and I have absolutely zero imagination.  I'm planning to switch to REN or Origins if this flipping vat ever runs out.
£38 (50ml)

My sister believed me to have finally lost the plot when I bought this back in February, but I maintain that it is one of the best purchases I've made this year!  It isn't cheap (especially when you add £5 for P&P), but it's still going strong 8 months later and it works wonders on my pores overnight. 
£23 (100ml)

Here comes the scary bit!

My grand total is...£170.33
(Eeek! Definitely not letting Adam read this post!!)

That's one expensive face! I'm actually quite surprised it's as much as it is.  I am pretty happy with my routine at the moment though, so I guess it's worth it to some extent!

Have you worked out how much is your face worth? 



  1. I've never tried any of the Michael Todd products buf have of course heard of them - they seem lovely so just need to decide which product to try first :o). Xx

    1. The full sets you can buy are amazing value, they're half-price at the minute too, so you can try lots of different things :) xx

  2. I haven't and I dread to think. I remember when I had my handbag stolen with my make up bag in it and when I had to replace it and price it up for the insurance company it was shocking.


    1. Oh noo! That's a nightmare! I didn't even realise make up was replaced by insurance, that's good to know haha! I've started trying to just carry around the absolute basics, my shoulder constantly aches haha!xx

  3. Loved this post as I can really relate to it! I've been wanting to try all those products for sooooo long! I use the Superdefense moisturiser and am on my second pot... I can see where your coming from but at the same time don't want to switch I case something else irritates my skin.

    New follower!

    Kimberley x

  4. These all sound like amazing products but holy fudge, I'm actually scared to try and calculate how much money I spend on face products....