Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nails of the day: DOTS!

I bought some nail dotters from amazon a few months ago and after a quick play I fairly quickly lost interest and didn't really make any kind of effort to get good at it! 

Lately I've been seeing some amazing nail art posted on twitter and instagram, that's made me dead jealous of all you creative types so I thought I'd get them back out to have a go while I've been at a fairly loose end this weekend.
Sadly I don't possess any kind of creative flair so I just went for the obvious and did some spots.
I was happy with the result though and I might have a go at something slightly more challenging next time now I have the ability to 'dot'

I used Rimmel's 'I Love Lasting Finish' (catchy...) in a shade that appears to no longer exist I've had it that long! For the dots I used Natural Collection Nail Colour in Cosmic Crush, which is £1.89 from Boots.

My nail dotters are the set everyone seems to own, from Amazon, for £1.20. They seem to be quite sturdy, I just wish I'd paid slightly more and bought a set that came with a case.
In case you're interested this is the link:

Hope you enjoyed a little nosey at my very basic nail art. 


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