Monday, 2 September 2013

Little Treats!

As we're squirrelling away every spare penny for the wedding/honeymoon fund at the moment I haven't done a great deal of shopping lately. However, after finally plucking up the courage to go and trying on some wedding dresses (more on that soon), and a stinker of a week at work, I decided I deserved a little treat.
Or 4.

I've been seeing quite a lot of nail art posts on blogs and on Instagram recently  and despite having bought some tools earlier in the year I haven't really gone beyond dots yet. To be honest I'm not sure I have the capacity to go beyond dots - I can but try! So I ended up with a black nail art pen, confetti nail polish and a new top coat all from Barry M.

So far I've only tried the confetti nail polish, and have established it doesn't work on its own too dull and lumpy:
This leaves me a bit unsure when I could use it; perhaps one coat over a pale pink polish? Goodness knows.

I also ended up with a One Direction Lipstick from MUA - Niall's shade, which is called 'moments'. Now I'm 25..and not even a particular fan of 1D, but I didn't see anything odd about me making this purchase, until Adam looked at me as though I'd come completely mad and asked me in a rather derisory tone if I was really buying a One Direction lipstick. Err, yes?! 
I justified it because I liked the colour - it's a nice rosy pink colour ideal for every day.They had the other colours too but they were all a little bit extreme for me!

Barry M is currently on 3 for 2 at superdrug and the MUA One Direction lipsticks are £3 - bargain!

Have you tried the nail art pens or the MUA 1D collection yet?


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  1. Love the confetti by Barry M, it looks so pretty! I haven't got too adventurous with nail art pens but I find leopard print works great. What you do it put polka dots onto the base and then loosely draw round them - it's super simple!