Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Primark Goodies

I don't often venture into Primark; working full time means I can only practicably go at the weekend when it shares many features with a cattle market. I don't have the motivation or patience for such hard-core shopping.

Now the new term has started I quite fancied buying some new dresses for work, but it was slim pickings in the clothes department. Perhaps I arrived at that difficult in-between-seasons time but I never want to see another body con dress -made from horrendously cheap material again, or a faux leather skirt that set my skin on edge when I felt it. Ugh. Why must Primark be so hit and miss?! I remain perplexed that they've put their prices up too, who in their right mind wants to spend £15-25 on a primark dress when Forever 21's superior quality dresses start at about £18 and H&M have lovely dresses for £19.99/24.99. Madness.
I found one dress that was passable.  But not good enough to queue up to try on.  Mission aborted.

Instead I picked up 2 packs of face cloths, each containing 3. These were reduced from £1.50 to £1.20. Bargain.
There's something so much more satisfying about a flannel than a muslin cloth. I'm really glad I've rediscovered my love for them over the last couple of years :)

Then a pretty little scarf caught my eye and had to come home with me. For £4 it might as well really. I'm quite obsessed with scarves, I wear one pretty much every day in winter and I'm excited for it to be cold enough to crack the scarves back out. This one is light enough for Autumn so as not to look too Christmassy, but its lovely and soft and will be warm and snug round my neck.Who am I kidding?! I just liked the pattern!

My next purchase was rather odd. Still not really sure why I bought it, but I evidently felt I needed bigger hair?! Never really having backcombed my hair in my life, 25 is apparently the age I will start to do so. If not then it was a quid. We'll see.

Finally we ended up in the home section, which I think is the best thing about primark. Having sniffed every candle I decided I couldn't live without the vanilla and coconut one - my two favourite scents put together in one candle! I love burning a candle in the winter, curling up on the sofa with a blanket and watching a film, so cosy and relaxing. Plus this one will look cute on my coffee table.  It has 3 wicks and is a fair old size for £3.50.

I've just realised I sound like a hedgehog getting ready to hibernate for the winter.
 Next on my winter wish list is a onesie;  I'm still yet to find one I like and that isn't a foot too long for my stumpy little legs!
What does everyone else buy to get ready for the dark nights and chilly weather?



  1. Love that scarf! I am going to need that candle in my life, even if it will have to sit on my shelf until I can bring it home and burn it at Christmas!

  2. I almost bought that back combing brush the other day but it scared me; do let me know what it's like xxxx