Monday, 23 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips!

I'm almost reluctant to talk about this subject because there has already been so much written.  However, as my mother frequently pointed out during my teenage years; I always have to had the last word in an argument.  Well perhaps not the last say in this case, but I certainly couldn't let it pass without adding my two cents.

I'm confused as to why I keep hearing this product described as being 'overrated'.  Its lipbalm and it costs £2.99.  Can you really overrate a lipbalm?  Surely it can only ever really perform one function? I think it's been over marketed by Maybelline and everyone is sick of the sight of it, but for it to be overrated seems a stretch to me.

The packaging is cute, the balm smells yummy and the colour payoff is pretty good for a balm.  It isn't going to provide as much moisture as a 'serious' lip moisturising product; if you want that don't bother.  Instead, it's a cute little addition to your cosmetics bag, the colour versions give a pretty little tint to your lips and will briefly add some moisture. 
It won't change your life, but nor will it destroy your lips or break the bank.  Cheer up folks, it's just lipbalm. 

Quite what everyone was expecting from this product, I don't know, again - lipbalm?! - but it seems Maybelline were slightly too good at promoting it, to the extent where people developed such high hopes it was only ever going to end up in disappointment.  Probably not helped by the fact we had to wait so long for the UK launch  - cruel trick, Maybelline!

Once the range finally made it to the UK I acquired 3, mostly because they were on 3 for 2 - Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Peach Kiss. They all smell good, but my favourite is Pink Punch because I like the shade on my lips.  I've used all 3 quite a lot - I have one at home, one in my car and one in a drawer at work - and I would repurchase them.

(L-R Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss)


If I was to pick fault it'd be preferable if the balm was shaped like a lipstick, rather than a flat top, just because it'd be easier to apply.  But i'll cope. I know, I'm a trooper..

Which is your favourite shade of Babylips? & what do you think of them?



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