Saturday, 14 September 2013

September Wishlist

As I've previously alluded to, Adam and I are trying to live as frugally as possible while we save up for our wedding next year, so I can't be just going out buying whatever catches my eye as I may or may not have done (definitely did) previously.  I have a little list on my phone of things I want to buy and when I think I can justify it I pick things from it to buy from time to time.  I thought I'd show you today some of the things I really want but have so far resisted...

One thing I did finally give in to this month (otherwise it would definitely have been on this list) was the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, which I got for 25% off, so really it would be been silly not to! I'm really glad I finally went for it because it's super duper.

Benefit Rockateur

Generally I'm not the biggest fan of Benefit; I think the products are overpriced and rely too heavily on novelty packaging rather than product quality.  Unusually though I've been taken in by their new blusher - Rockateur. I think it's a really pretty colour that would match my skin-tone well.

 I know as I'm writing this that sanity will prevail and I'll probably never own it because £23 for a blusher is absurd.  Especially when it has potentially the tackiest packing I've ever seen. If I'm paying £23 I want a thing of beauty, not gold snakeskin and black lace.  Not to mention that it only contains 5g of product compared to the other Benefit blushers which contain 8g.  Come on Benefit, you didn't think we wouldn't notice, did you?

Molecule 01

I love the idea that this perfume smells differently on everyone and that although you can't necessarily smell it on yourself, other people can.  I'd just be really interested so see people's reactions to the scent. It's unisex too so I'd definitely be making Adam try it to see what it smelt like on him!  Sadly at £65 it's a little pricey to buy as a little gift to myself but it might well go onto my birthday/Christmas lists later this year!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
I've read a few reviews of this foundation giving great coverage and being ideal for oily skin so it's next on my list of foundations to try. I'm slightly hesitant because having had powder based disasters in my make-up bag previously, I'd be worried about it cracking and smearing it's contents throughout my bag once it got near the end of it's life, but I think it's still worth a go, hopefully soon!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
I realise I talk rather a lot about my oily skin on this blog, but I'm constantly looking for ways to make my make up last longer and this is something I think could help. This primer is oil free and looking forward to next year I think this would be amazing for my wedding day!  At £28 it isn't cheap, but I have a teeny little feeling it could be worth it. 

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

Here I go again with the oil control..! I'm obsessed, ha! I think this would be good for my keeping my wedding make up in place too so I'll hopefully manage to get this soon!  It's £19.50 for 118ml, which should last a while as it's only a fine mist.

Rimmel Salon Pro in Peppermint
I used LouisaLoves217's bottle of this when we went to Blackpool for the weekend in August and I absolutely loved it.  Its a beautiful minty colour and the formula is amazing; I only had time to apply one coat and it was completely opaque.  It lasted for a whole week too, with no top coat and minimal chipping.
It's only £4.49 and I'm not quite sure why I haven't got around to buying it yet! Perhaps I should buy a more season-appropriate shade though. Hmm.

What's on your wish-list this month?


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  1. I have Molecule 01 and so far been a bit disappointed. I've worn it a few times and was expecting something similar to the Lynx effect but alas nothing. In fact your post has inspired me, I shall wear all this week and await reactions!