Monday, 19 August 2013

My current favourite foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection

I'm a hard one to please with foundation. I've spent absolute fortunes on the stuff trying to find the right one and have unfortunately fallen for Internet hype on some occasions (I'm looking at you healthy mix serum), leading to a drawer full of expensive mistakes looking mockingly up at me when I open it..!

I have two main problems with finding a foundation to suit:

1) I have oily skin. Companies are pushing dewy-look foundation and if I go down that route we'll have a landslide on my face come lunchtime. Matte foundations dry my skin out and cling to any spots so that's no good either.

2) I have really pale skin. I'm always the palest shade (except in MAC) and even then the palest shade is sometimes too dark, especially with cheaper foundations. Higher end make up counters seem determined that I'm a shade darker and always match me up to their equivalent of shade 2, rather than shade 1, so I've had several expensive purchases I've been unable to use for fear of brightorangeface; lesson learnt!

Then came along a complete whim of a purchase: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. It was my '3' in my 3 for 2 in boots and I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant cos it was fairly cheap and I've hated every rimmel foundation I've tried. But I was happily proven wrong and I'm on my 3rd bottle now.
The shade 100 Ivory is perfect for my skin tone and the finish on the skin is lovely; it doesn't 'set' like a matte foundation but its not ridiculously dewy either. It needs powdering to keep it in place, but I do that with any foundation anyway. It doesn't cling to spots or dry patches and it doesn't settle in my fine lines (sob sob :'( ). It's a medium coverage, which is what I want for every day. It has SPF 18 too, which is a nice little bonus.

The lasting power isn't exceptional and by 5 when I'm driving home from work it looks a bit patchy, especially around my mouth where I've been drinking. But I do leave the house at 7am so it's a really long day for any foundation to last. 

Another thing I've found, perhaps disgustingly (don't judge..!) is that I can put another layer on top later on and it doesn't cake at all, it just blends in. Handy for if I get home and have like 10 minutes to get ready before going out for the evening.

The higher end product I've used that the  I think the finish is most similar to is Clinique Even Better Foundation, which I also loved, but for £24 I can have 4 of these and I don't think I'd get that past my boyfriend's raised eyebrows!
Even better has a slightly lower SPF, of 15 too, so it can't even really draw me in with that.

Currently available at Boots for £4.99 - bargain!


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  1. Do you find it better than the wake me up foudation ?