Monday, 12 August 2013


Welcome to my blog!
My name's Suzy and i'm 25 years old. I live in Merseyside with my Fiancé, Adam, and we both work in education.
We met at university, have been together for 5 and a half years and we're getting married next summer so my world at the moment is filled with wedding planning, saving up and going to the gym (in theory..!).

I feel like I'm supposed to explain what this blog will be about..but i'm not entirely sure myself yet. Make up and skin care blogs are my favourite to read, as well as food and moneysaving type posts, so lets call it 'lifestyle' as that's sufficiently vague! There'll probably be a fair bit on weddings over the next few months as well as I have a LOT still to do on that front!
My favourite blogs are the ones that give a little glimpse into your average person's life..I'm all for a backdrop of fairy lights and £60 candles placed at a jaunty angle, all put through an instagram filter, but my life certainly doesn't look like that -as Adam would be only too happy to tell you, he is overjoyed if I manage to get through the day without leaving stray make-up wipes or cotton pads lying around our bedroom!

I should probably also qualify the 'cynical' part of my blog; I'm on a fairly tight budget for buying 'stuff' so I want good value for money and wonderful products, I hate marketing bumf and I generally tend not to trust companies trying to flog me things, particularly beauty products with outrageous claims. Demanding? Me?! :)


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